I'm Jasmin Yli-Huhtala (b. 1991) a contemporary artist from Riihimäki, Finland. Visual arts have been a part of my life ever since I was little. I have my own studio in the center of Riihimäki.

My art explores the essence of people. I find it extremely interesting how different we all are and I try to capture it in the best way I can. There's just something mysterious in the human mind and that's what I try to explore through my art.

I usually work with oils and acrylics on canvas. My painting process starts with very intuitive abstract style, which evolves into semi-abstract with human figures.

I don't want art to be too obvious and I like to leave room for different interpretations. Currently I'm inspired by colorful art which can be seen in my latest works.

Welcome to my world!

- Jasmin